Camilla is dedicated to telling stories that question the way we think about political and social subjects. Her directing debut, COPWATCH, premiered at Tribeca in April 2017.  To capture COPWATCH, she shot extensively in the U.S., filming for over a year in urban St. Louis, Ferguson, Baltimore, Oakland and New York. For FREEDOM FOR THE WOLF, she produced month-long shoots inTunisia and India, as well as a shoot in Kuwait. In addition to the key projects listed below, Camilla has produced music videos: "CURIOSITY" for The Bingo Players and "RECKLESS LOVE" for Lena Reegan.

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Copwatch: dIRECTOR


Copwatch is Camilla's directing debut. It is a documentary feature film about a group of young men who film the police as a form of political protest. It features Ramsey Orta, who filmed the death of Eric Garner and Kevin Moore, who filmed the arrest of Freddie Gray. It is an independent film shot in vérité style. 

(Estimated release: 2017) 

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Freedom for the Wolf: PRODUCER


Freedom For The Wolf is a global documentary feature film about the rise of illiberal democracy. The film follows incredible stories from India, Tunisia, Japan, Hong Kong and the United States in a context laid out by the world's most celebrated thinkers from Francis Fukuyama to Lawrence Lessig. 

(Estimated release 2017)

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Uber Lives is a five part docu-portrait series about Uber drivers in LA. The five videos consist of 3-minute interviews with people from all over the city who tell us their stories. The series, made for Vidme, was featured by Mashable, USA Today and LGBT Blogs, attracting almost 700,000 organic views. It also brought enquiries from Uber's publicity team. 

Released: 2016